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Prosperity Home Mortgage's staff is 70 percent white. Reveal conducted a market share analysis covering millions of loan records, made available under the Home Mortgage Disclosure Act, employing techniques the Federal Reserve and the Department of Justice use to spotlight lending disparities. The analysis compared the racial breakdown of mortgage lending for every lender in every city in America. It showed Berkshire Hathaway's mortgage companies took in a far greater proportion of their conventional loan applications from white homebuyers than their competitors in its largest markets in 2015 and 2016. The figures were especially stark for Trident, which placed all of its 55 loan centers across Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania in majority-white neighborhoods, Reveal's analysis found. The analysis also showed 92 percent of the company's conventional home loan applications came from borrowers in majority-white neighborhoods. When it did lend in neighborhoods where the majority of residents were people of color, most of the loans still went to whites. Berkshire Hathaway's mortgage business has the hallmarks of one that could be prosecuted for "failure to serve" under the Fair Housing Act, according to Eric Halperin, a former federal prosecutor who oversaw fair lending cases during President Barack Obama's first term. That's when "you take a series of actions that ensure you don't get applications from people of color," he said. The lack of diversity in Trident's staffing and lending disturbed Beth Warshaw, 38, a white manager at a local arts nonprofit, who last year bought a two-bedroom brick row house in a primarily African American neighborhood of South Philadelphia. Warshaw worked with a white loan real estate agent and white loan officer from Trident. "It struck me how white everything was," she said. "Somebody is not asking themselves the right questions, including me." The government lending data analyzed by Reveal also showed Trident served a much smaller and whiter section of the Philadelphia area than the region's No.

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Jacksonville Florida Roofing

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